about ingrid serruijs

After graduating with a law degree from Utrecht University, I began working as an attorney at a major law firm on 1 January 2000. After a year-and-a-half, I moved from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, where I felt completely at home right away. After working as a labour and employment lawyer for six years, I made the switch to the business sector as an attorney and head of legal affairs at an international company. I quit my job in November 2008 and started working as a freelance lawyer, primarily for major international companies.

offering added value

It was a great career, yet I was not deriving a sense of satisfaction from my work. I was in a position to help people with legal problems, but I would have preferred to be offering added value on a personal level. The more I became aware of this desire, the less energy I seemed to get from my daily work. I finally made the switch in 2014.